Mother’s Day Made Simple

So I know a lot of you are stressed about what to get mom for Mother’s Day this weekend, but it’s really not that difficult in my opinion and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. We hear about those deals from online flower companies and Groupons for Mother’s Day gifts, but are they really worth it? I don’t think so. By the time you are done paying for shipping and handling, you could have almost taken her out to a really nice dinner. You must be thinking- “Fine, smarty pants, then what would you do?” Well, I’m glad you asked…

Besides the obvious of paying attention to little things that mom points out (things that don’t have to cost much, but also items you don’t think she would buy for herself), there are three main things mom’s love. And it doesn’t cost much either.

1) Chocolate.  It’s really hard to go wrong here unless you go down to the 99 cent store and buy some off-brand from elsewhere that has words misspelled on the packaging. TIP: My recommendation- Mom’s love See’s. Go down to Costco and get the 2- One Pound Gift Certificates and use one for her before the mad rush the day before. It’s much cheaper at Costco ($31.20) and you can save the other one for someone’s birthday or whatnot.

2) Flowers. Now, this doesn’t have to get too elaborate or crazy. By now you should know her favorite flower, so just take a quick stop at the store and buy her a cute bouquet the day before and add your own special touch whether it be with a special vase or decorative ribbons. Now, if you are feeling like being florist-for-a-day, I would say to buy a couple of different types of flowers and mix them together yourself. TIP:  Trader Joe’s has great flowers for a fraction of the cost of grocery stores and is much cheaper than ordering online.

3) A homemade card. I know you are thinking, really? Why can’t I just go buy her one at the store?!? Let me tell you, moms love gifts that involve effort and thought on your part. Nothing shows how much you care more than putting in that extra time to either hand draw one, make a collage or, if you’re really fancy, use a computer program to make something you think she would like.

Simple enough, right? I guarantee you, if you do at one of these for mom she will appreciate it so much more than a new piece of clothing or some fancy jewelry. If you can do all three, then you’ll definitely get a gold star. In fact, if she doesn’t give you one, I will. **Insert gold star here** Lastly, if you really insist on the breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner option, try making (shh I didn’t say that) the meal yourself and having a picnic at her favorite spot.

Hope this helps and Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!


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