Looking for something fun to do with a friend or that special person in your life? Or, even for mom this Mother’s Day Weekend? I recommend looking up the nearest “Paint-Your-Own-Ceramics” place. At the one I visit, for just $12-upwards of $40+ you can choose your own ceramic pal, vase or dish and paint away. The best thing is, that most places allow you to come back as many times as you want. And believe me, someone that I know went back several times- FOR FREE. They then bake your piece for free as well and wahlah- you have your very own masterpiece. TIP: Since there is no time limit, go back several times and perfect your masterpiece. Also, there are usually Groupon-type deals out there for these things too. On Fridays or certain days of the week, they might also have “Wine Night” where you can paint and bring your own bottle of wine. A must try for those crafty people out there or those looking for something different and fun to do.

The one with the most locations that I found was called “Color Me Mine.” Check it out here: http://www.colormemine.com/Index.tpl?Studio=corp


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