Fun dresses!

One great deal I found was for this really cute dress cover-up that you can wear at the beach over your swimsuit. They are really stylish and you might be able to even wear them around town. With the deal group called “Spreebird Deals,” these run at only $19! (That is, for the next 6 days.) I love the different patterns too.

While I’m on the subject of dresses, I have to say that there are some great new brands at Kohl’s. Although they didn’t fit me quite right, I thought I would share with you in case it helps with your shopping spree! 😉 TIP: It’s an even better deal when you use your Kohl’s credit card, a 20% coupon and during their buy $50, get $10 Kohl’s cash.

The new brand LC, Lauren Conrad, actually surprised me. No, I didn’t watch her show “The Hills,” but she seems to have a really good taste in fabrics and colors/patterns. I love how the dresses seem so light and fun. The only problem for me was how pale they were along with it not fitting quite right. All the dresses below are under $50 without a coupon, so wait and save for the big sales and get an even better deal!

I’d also give the Jennifer Lopez collection a look. She has some really cute things too. Although, I’d have to say, you should have more of a daring style if you want to try her clothing line.


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