Anaheim Trip!

So I’m the type of planner that likes to find things that are unique and worth a little bit extra of effort in finding. Last weekend, I went to the Angels stadium for the New York Yankees vs. the Angels and I don’t like baseball very much, but it was definitely a better experience than other games I’ve been too. We sat in section 407 which I would maybe recommend a section closer to the field if you can afford it, just because of the rowdy fans and families constantly taking pictures of each other in the higher up sections. This problem can easily be solved by buying a $9 large beer.

TIP: Buy the beer during the 3rd inning, when the home team is up to bat, in order to avoid crowds and if you are a girl like me who could afford to miss a bit of the game anyway. 😉 There is a really great website out there that helps you view your seats in both an illustrated and pictured view which I found to be pretty accurate. Here’s the link I found that might help: Section 407 really isn’t that bad of seats and it’s on the fairly inexpensive side for a baseball stadium/game of this caliber. The only problem that I had was a guy that was pretty loud yelling throughout the entirety of the game. Such is luck with large crowds though, right?

We chose to stay near Disneyland at a resort that had both a shuttle to Disneyland and complimentary parking/breakfast. Great deal! If I would’ve had more time I would’ve added a day at Disneyland to the adventure as well. Even if you don’t decide to go to Disneyland, staying at a hotel with a complimentary shuttle allows you the opportunity to go to Downtown Disney for free too.

For lunch, I looked up a restaurant on Yelp (another great TIP) and found a great place that has two locations one in Anaheim, about 8 min. drive from Disneyland, and one in San Diego, near Miramar. It’s an Indian restaurant called Punjabi Tandoor– amazing dishes, great prices and a good amount of food for the money spent. I had the Chicken Tiki Masala and a vegetarian dish with potatoes and peas- it’s the one in the top right corner if you go to the Anaheim location. You also get a good amount of naan (YUM!) and a special dessert that’s like liquidy Tapioca pudding (YUM TOO). TIP: A three entree plate is enough for 2 people to share, so I would go with that and save the mula.

The following day, we headed about 20 min west to the coast of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach areas. What a great place to spend the early afternoon! TIP: If you are planning to spend the ENTIRE day at the beach, then the $15 admission is worth it- good for all California State Park Beach entrances for that day, otherwise, I’d say save yourself some money. There’s also a really nice mall called Fashion Island that has many expensive stores, and a few less expensive ones too, but is great for window shopping. If you have any questions, let me know! 🙂


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