The Happy Journal

I originally started this idea while travelling in Europe and don’t know why I stopped, but I have decided to take it up again. What you ask? The Happy Journal is what I call it. It’s pretty simple actually. Just go to your local cheap store, or, expensive if you like, and buy a small blank notebook. Grab a pen and carry both around with you. Whenever you encounter something funny, simply write it down.

No matter how stupid or silly it may seem, it will sure make you feel better when you need a pick-me-up after a long day at work or when you are feeling sad. Sure, what you write may not make any sense to anyone else, but as long as it makes you smile, who cares?? šŸ™‚

While at the airport recently I wrote down these funny things:
– I found a store that was selling a bunch of lifeguard touristy items and one sweatshirt caught my eye. They tried to be creative and write the word “lifeguard” on its side, but ran out of room. This resulted in only “Lifegu” being shown. I love life goo!
– Accidentally bumped my head on the ceiling of the plane, turning on my call button. It took me a little while to realize why the flight attendant was standing at my row.
– The flight attendant calling the digital players “digi players.”

Anywho, you get the idea. Feel free to add your funny moments too.


5 responses to “The Happy Journal

  1. I went and played paintball this weekend and two valley girls came up with some guys and one of the girls said “you see that field that has the air-ball sign on it, that means they play with pellets. It probally hurts.” Oh, by the way, the air-ball field is where the pro’s play in tournaments.

  2. hi there, i was given a journal as a gift and i have complete block when coming up with a theme for it. i’m a writer and have other journals also; one is personal, one is full of poetry, and the other is happy random stuff and quotes. any suggestions for my new one?? thankyou!

    • I would suggest maybe making it about travel, reviews of places you’ve been to or even short one page stories. One of my good friends is also a writer and I found some great idea books at Barnes & Noble. The one I ended up getting her I think was called “The Pocket Muse.” It’s great for creative writing. Hope this helps!

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