Shave Ice 101- The Word “Snow Cone” is a Curse Word Here

When I think of summer, the first two words that come to mind are “Shave Ice.” Anyone who knows me knows just how much of a junk food fiend I am and shave ice has definitely taken over for my last junk food love of ice cream. Best part? No fat in there at all! I was originally thinking of creating just one post on shave ice, including reviews, but that would take me awhile to write and I’m sure you would get bored after the 40th paragraph. 🙂 I’ve been fortunate enough to visit around 20 different shave ice places in Hawaii and California and will share my reviews on those that I found in my next posts. Before I do, I feel like I should give you all a little background on finding the shave ice that is right for you.

The biggest problem that I have is going into a shave ice shop and having expectations. I would recommend going in there with an open mind and to always try different flavors and combinations. The thing that separates snow cones from shave ice is mainly how finely the ice is shaved, but also the flavors and the add-ons that can make it that much better.

Things to look for:
– fluffy ice (finely shaved). If it’s crunchy, it could ruin the whole experience, at least for me. You can generally tell just how soft it will be by looking at other people’s purchases.
– flavor (make sure they don’t put on too much syrup)
– cream topping: you HAVE to try this at least once. It makes a world of difference in the shave ice
– other toppings: Personally, I’m more of ice cream topping and that’s it kinda girl, but there are other options to try as well. Azuki beans (imagine a candy-coated kidney bean), ice cream on the bottom (careful with your flavors if you choose this one) and Li Hing Mui Powder (hard to describe, kind of like one of those Mexican spice candy powders) are the major options.

Have fun, be inventive with your combos and stayed tuned for my Shave Ice Reviews!


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