Shave Ice: Maui Style

As promised from my previous blog, Shave Ice 101, here is my first review of some Maui Shave Ice places that encountered this summer. Keep in mind that most don’t open until 10am or 11am, but stay open fairly late.

S & Q Shave Ice Shack– an a-okay place
Kihei, HI    2 & 1/2 stars

This shave ice place is located off the main street in Kihei and has good flavor and medium crunchiness. It’s more towards the end of Kihei, so if you are looking for something closer, there are definitely better places around. The only minus besides being further south, is that it’s right on a busy road and there are only a few outdoor tables to sit at.

Surfing Monkey Shave Ice– a must try!
Kihei, HI      4 stars

This was my favorite of all the shave ice places. It’s a cute little shop right across from the main beginner’s surfing beach. The flavors are great, although I don’t recommend the melona flavor- waay too sweet. The consistency of the ice is perfect for my taste buds and there are also cute local vendor shops nearby. Plus, they give you a stand for the shave ice. All toppings and ice cream included in cheap price.

Local Boys Shave Ice
I give it the most character award 
Lahaina, HI     3 stars

I’d have to say, the decor and additional freebies made me want to go back. The ice itself was not as great as Surfing Monkey, with the ice being a little hard, but they sure made up for that with the cute sayings on the walls and the fun/relaxing music being played. This was the only shave ice place I’ve been to that offers gummy bears as a topping and gives you red licorice sticks as a straw!! (And yes, I’m still a little kid at heart.)

Ululani’s Shave Icethe softest ice I’ve ever had
Lahaina & Kihei, HI    1 & 1/2 stars

I rated this one the lowest just because the syrup was extremely sweet, so much so that I had a stomachache afterwards and I only had a small. I wanted to give it a fair chance though, so I tried it in both locations and still felt the same. Yelp reviewers loved it though, as did those that I was traveling with. On a plus side, you have to try it with the homemade mochi on the bottom. That made my stomachache worth it!




  • Looking for quality? Try Surfing Monkey
  • For a fun place?  Try Local Boys
  • Soft ice? Try Ululani’s



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