Top Weekly Stumbles: DIY

I’ve become a big fan of StumbleUpon recently and have found great ideas for travel, crafts, the home, fashion, funny photos and whatnot. I thought it would be great to show you all my favorites every once and awhile to help you get inspired too. I’m going to kick things off with my do-it-yourself stumbles that I found that are simply brilliant. Enjoy!

Pool Party Lanterns: This one is so simple, it almost makes you wonder why didn’t I think of that! Simply blow up a balloon and put a glow stick inside and that’s it! It’s great for parties and looks really neat when placing them in a pool. Other variations include using helium in the balloon so that it floats in the air. To add even more depth, tie some of the helium-filled balloons to a pool floaty and let the others just rest on the water. TIP: The 99 cent stores have really cheap glow sticks.

Floral Centerpieces or Just Fun Decor:
Simply add distilled water and silk flowers to a cute vase. TIP: Get a great deal on silk flowers by using the Michael’s coupon that it releases every Sunday in the paper. Also, you can find inexpensive vases at dollar stores. Instead of adding a candle to the side of the vase, you can also float one on top of the water or light from underneath with a battery powered light.

Unique Homemade Vases:
Create the see through designs by placing rubber bands where you best see fit. Then, spray it with craft spray which essentially etches the glass. You can create any design you please, even using stickers of butterflies, for example, and then peel them off later.

Cinnamon Candles:
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Simply buy some full cinnamon sticks and place around the candle . Tie with twine or string. Other good smelling items to put around the candle could include vanilla sticks or potpourri glued together around an empty holder.

Cupcake Holder:
Find an empty gift box, shoe box or whatever. Then cut crosses into the box lid. TIP: I might use an exacto knife on this one, it might be a bit easier.

Well, that just about does it for my DIY projects for this post. For other DIY projects, check out my pinterest at: Another great site to look at is Senora Club.



2 responses to “Top Weekly Stumbles: DIY

  1. i love the creativity and design in your blogs…lots of cool info..enjoyed pool lanterns and think I will try it…great ideas from stumble upon…thanks so much

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