Beat the Heat!!

This one is for those of you that are just overwhelmed from the heat out there. Here it’s a good 90 degrees + and I think I might be melting. 🙂 In order to get you feeling better and having more energy, I’m going to share some places I would go to get out of the house and get cool!

a) Try your hand at surfing
50 best surf spots:

b) Place a bet at a local casino. To keep your losses at a minimum I like to use only $20 in 5 dollar bills and if you win, keep those winnings separate.

c) Visit an indoor gym to cool off and get more energy for the rest of the day

d) Have fun at an indoor miniature golf course

e) Skate around an indoor ice rink

f) Strriiiikkkeeee! Go bowling

g) Learn about the ocean at an aquarium

h) Paint a present for yourself or someone else at a ceramic painting place

Hopefully this will give you some unique ideas to stay cool this summer!


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