Camping Anyone?

So I just booked my first ever beach camping trip and I am getting super excited! If anyone else out there is going camping soon, here are a few fun camping tips, equipment and ideas to inspire you. I’ll have a post ready for you next week about my camping trip with suggestions and whatnot.

I love how simple this looks. Maybe someday I’ll get myself a throw together tent. 🙂

Side note: I love gadgets and this is no exception. It’s a simple drinking straw, but with a built in filtration system. What?!

VW Bug Tent. I guarantee you will attract a lot of attention if you buy this and set it up at a campsite. How funny though!

What a fun and safe way to cook over a campfire!

Camping bubble

Glow sticks in a soda bottle = fun nite lite

Chocolate chips placed in banana and wrapped in tinfoil to cook over campfire. Yum!

To see the links to these photos and more ideas of fun camping things I found, check out my pinterest at:


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