Nail Art (even if you aren’t artistic)

Sorry guys, warning you ahead of time, this is a girl post. 🙂

After looking up a few nail art designs and trying it myself, I’ve gotten a bit into painting these fun designs. I haven’t tried to paint my fingers yet, so I’m trying it out first on my toes. (It’s easier too that way.) Now, the best thing that I like about nail painting is that you don’t have to be an artist at all. The only things you need are some fun colors and a toothpick. Below, I’ve listed some links, easy designs and others for inspiration. So fun!

For tools, you can use anything from around the house that will help:

I’m not super girlie, so I don’t work with the fake long nails, just with what I’ve got. My favorite type of nail polish is the Nicole brand, but that can get a bit expensive if you want multiple colors for different art. Other brands also have fun magnetic polishes that create textured waves, others that change color in the sun, some that smell fruity and others that crackle too.

A great how-to website is I’ll post some photos if I actually get good at this!


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