Temecula Wine Tasting- Everything you need to know in one place.

As many of you know by now, I’m a planner, and like any good planner, I researched the Temecula wineries on their websites, Yelp and through finding coupons. The winners for me are those moderately or even cheaply priced with coupons that have great wines. I know that this is asking for a lot, but for those of you on a budget and even for those of you who aren’t, this can lead to finding some great places out there. Having been to Temecula several times, I can say that this is one of those places you should visit if you are coming to San Diego. TIP: If you can, avoid visiting during the months of August and September, maybe even July and October too. It can get to be extremely hot and in September; it reaches the triple digits. However, since we were visiting during the triple digit time, I made sure that all the places we went to had air conditioning.
See my reviews and findings below map.

Helpful yelp reviews: Click here.
Temecula winery coupons: Click here if you are planning on eating or purchasing wine.
Click here if you are only interested in wine tasting coupons.

A great map with the winery names:

Keep in mind that the wineries are cheaper during the weekdays for obvious reasons, but that many also have live music on weekend nights. Also, the typical price of a wine tasting is between $10 and $15 per person and includes between 4-7 tastings. Those stared below are the ones I visited. (All other reviews and information come from looking at each winery’s website and from what Yelp customers had to say. Most do not include a free souvenir glass nowadays.)

Alex’s Red Barn Winery- rude ppl, Tasting Offered: $10 for 5 w glass
Baily Vineyard & Winery- very friendly but bland taste. mainly reds. Tasting Offered: $5 for 6 w glass
Bel Vino– Yelp consensus was the overall feel of the winery and taste of wines was bland
**Callaway Vineyard & Winery- cute place to go to, favorite among locals, Tasting Offered: $20 for 2 people and tour. They no longer give away a souvenir glass. 😦 They tour was great!
Chapin Winery- upscale, cute. good reviews. Tasting Offered: $15 for 7
Churon Winery- okay. cute place. bad service. Tasting Offered: $10 for 5 w glass
Cougar Winery- okay. good reviews. white wines. Tasting Offered: $10 for 6
Doffo Winery- great reviews. white wines. Tasting Offered: $10 for 6
Europa Village Winery- good reviews, very cute. Tasting Offered: $15 for 6
**Falkner Winery- did not have a good experience here. Our pourer was not friendly or helpful. Wines not good. I would skip. Tasting Offered: $10 for 4,  $15 for 7 + glass & $5 off bottle.
Frangipani Estate Winery- alright. Tasting Offered: $10 for 6
Foot Path Winery- horses, not upscale at all. reds mainly. small does for fun. Tasting Offered: $10 for 6
Hart Winery- I wanted to go here, but didn’t have time. white wines. Tasting Offered: $10 for 6 w glass
Keyways Vineyard & Winery- another that I would like to visit sometime. white wines. Tasting Offered: $15 for 5
Leonesse Cellars- cute. good reviews. Tasting Offered: $14 for 6
Longshadow Ranch Winery- no fans, very hot. cute w horses. Tasting Offered: $15 for 5 + glass
Maurice Car’rie Winery- great baked brie. wines not great, but get lots. Tasting Offered: $10 for 5 w cheap glass
**Miramonte Winery- Cute! Good selection. Tasting Offered: $15 for 6. no free glass. $20 for $30 deal
Mount Palomar Winery- ok. Tasting Offered: $12 for 6 plus glass. 1/2 off wine when you eat lunch here
Monte De Oro Winery- okay. bad service
Palumbo Family Vineyards & Winery- cute! good reviews. Tasting Offered: $10 for 5
Ponte Family Estate Winery- looks ok. good reviews. white wines. Tasting Offered: $12 for 6 plus glass
Robert Renzoni- barn working on building. good reviews. white wines. Tasting Offered: $15 for 5. 2 for 1 coupon
South Coast Winery- would like to visit in future. cute. white wines. Tasting Offered: $15 for 5
**Tesoro Winery- away from the main street with all of the other wineries, but in historic Temecula. Old western feel. Good wines, cute dogs and friendly owners. Try the Hibiscus sparkling. Tastings: found great deal online $5 for 6 tastings or $5 for glass of wine.
**Thornton Winery- cute and decent wines. Tasting Offered: $11-17
Vindemia Winery- not sure. 5 stars from reviewers tho. Tasting Offered: $15 for 5
Wiens Family Cellars- Tasting Offered: $15 for 6 + glass. good orange champagne
**Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyard- cute area, decent wines. Tasting Offered: $15 for 5

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them or feel free to leave your own winery reviews too!


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