Fish Tank Algae Solution

I’ve had an algae problem for the longest time in my fish tank and was having the hardest time finding a solution because I didn’t want to disrupt the habitat or remove any fish. I tried scrubbing, buying algae eaters, adding algae remover (that said it wouldn’t kill the fish, but did) and constant cleaning. At one point I got a few of those free tiny snails that they have in tanks at Petsmart and Petco. Bad idea! Don’t ever get these guys. They are asexual and before I knew it, I had a snail problem instead of an algae problem. A note about algae eaters: most are difficult to take care of and can grow pretty large, especially the pleco. I had a bad experience with the small orangish colored algae eater too. He did the job great, but began eating my fish believe it or not and grew to be a good 6″ long.

However, there is one solution that has worked great so far, is non-toxic, non-reproducing and does not require any work on my part. For my 28 gallon tank, all I needed was one $2 apple snail! He/she has solved my algae problem and cannot reproduce without a mate. I felt the need to share this with you guys because it the easiest pet to take  care of and eats the algae and leftovers. There are several colors you can choose from too: gold, black and I forgot the other color Petsmart had. To sum it up, if your tank has algae, scrub most of it out and a snail with minimal scrubbing- you’ll never have an algae explosion again!


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