Top Weekly Stumbles: Travel


Since I’m starting to feel the travel bug again, I figured it was time for my top weekly stumbles on… TRAVEL!

#1: MapCrunch: This site is pretty neat because you can choose any country in the world and end up wherever google earth chooses in that country. If you want other views in that country, click “go.” It’s kind of like traveling without leaving your computer.

#2: 10 Craziest Hotels in America: Everything from an undersea lodge to a teepee hotel.

#3: An amazing hotel near the Northern Lights

#4: Glass Beach, California: Instead of sand, this beach has glass that has been shaped by nature over the years.

#5: Pinnr: This site is great! Choose your location, when you are going and this site will plan where to go, stay and how long to spend at each place.



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