DIY: Top Cleaning Remedies

In this past week I’ve encountered some troublesome stains and wanted to share with you what I found to work in hopes that you only have to look in one place, as opposed to several like I did. 🙂

  • How to clean a heat stain from hardwood 
    (whether it be a table, furniture or floor, these works wonders!)  rub some toothpaste into the stain with the grain, baking soda paste with water, rub vaseline into stain and leave overnight, rub in some mayonnaise and wipe after an hour, use soft tshirt and iron overfabric while on stain in low setting, use blow dryer back and forth over wood


  • How to get stubborn pet fur off car seats: First vacuum, then use heavy duty large lint roller. Press down hard. Works great on floor mats! There are some stubborn hairs that will be stuck in the seat, so I just hand pick them out. (The key is to always put down an old bed sheet to avoid excessive pet fur.) A rubber glove helps gather clumps together as well.


  • How to clean a wetsuit: Woolite worked wonders for me. Just seeing all of the dirty water sitting in the sink makes me wonder why I haven’t washed it in a while. They also say mouthwash is great and makes it smell good too. Don’t let it dry in the sun as it is bad for the wetsuit.


  • How to clean bathtub stains and glass shower door water spots: I bought the Scrubbing Bubbles spray formula that sprays blue and turns white when ready. It’s amazing how well it worked on the glass shower door and rust spots!! Key here is to make sure it’s ventilated really well and that you are wearing gloves.


  • Clothing stains while out and about: The tide pen, by far, is the most convenient and best invention out there for people who spill on themselves and don’t want to wear a bib all the time. Hehe. I digress. Works great!


I hope that these suggestions will help you next week as well as they helped me get through last week.


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