Cone snails (Malaysian Trumpet Snails) Ahhhh!!!!

The Malaysian Trumpet Snails pictured left and courtesy of Wikipedia are probably one of the worst pests to have in your tank and let me tell you they are worse than the previous algae problem.

I researched and researched, but couldn’t find anything to cure it. I DO NOT recommend the following: snail removal chemicals (they will kill or make your fish sick), buying loaches (I bought a clown loach, but my problem persists), placing copper inside the tank could kill your fishies and will kill your crustaceans. I tried removing them by hand (at night is best since they are nocturnal), but they just breed too fast!!

The only for sure way is to completely drain and clean your tank. Place fish in all new water in a separate tank and scrub everything in your tank to make sure any little guys are gone. This mean cleaning the filter thoroughly too! I’m also replacing my rocks with new ones and scrubbing and decor as well. This will do the trick for sure! Hope this helps someone out there with the same problem!!


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