Back Pain (is a pain)


To any of you that have suffered from back pain, I’d like to share some natural remedies that may help ease the pain a bit. I’ve had personal experience dealing with it and let me tell you, it is not fun. In fact, it is downright frustrating. The more tools that you have to help make each day the most comfortable it can be, the more tolerable the pain will become. Now, I am not a doctor at all, so obviously seeking medical attention is highly advised. 🙂

Back pillows: The truth about back pillows is that no one can tell you what will work specifically for you, as each person experiences pain in different amounts, at different times and in different areas of the back/neck. I’ve found the most helpful to use a combination. Whenever I am sitting, be it in a car or chair, I use a cylindrical back pillow or neck pillow and thick sleeping pillow, placing the back/neck pillow above the regular one. This one is very similar to what I have ordered, but your physical therapist and/or doctor might have a better one in mind. (TIP: You can usually purchase directly through them.)

Exercises: These are all great back exercises meant to help strengthen your back and improvement muscle movement. Repeat several times a day as pain will allow, but try not to overdo it!

Ice vs. Heat: I have both and have ordered an oversized ice pack to use for 10-15 minutes a time. Since I get very cold, very quickly, I use this once or twice a day. I also combine this with a small heating pad that use for 10-15 minutes right after I wake up and right before I fall asleep, though I would recommend a large one with multiple settings to adjust the temperature if it gets too hot. I’ve been told that ice helps heal more long term than heat, which is more temporary, but what is the harm in using both?

Time: The most annoying part. 🙂 Back pain is not simple, it is very complex and takes time to heal. Pain could be due to muscles, bone, or even disc problems. The key is to try multiple types of therapy to see what works best for you. And hang in there. It takes a lot of time to heal, but you will find something that works, even though it might not seem like it sometimes. I promise.


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